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From historical manufacturing processes to contemporary innovation, the brand aims to preserve the particularities of artisanal production while integrating new materials at the cutting edge of the industry. A new vision of the sneaker is formed by the meeting of innovative nylons, luxurious calf leather linings and individually vulcanized rubber soles.

The Marathon Trail Low is made from materials such as airbag fabric and premium suede.

The brand develops cutting-edge products with authentic craftsmanship. Spalwart manufactures its goods exclusively in Europe in collaboration with experienced producers.




Spalwart sneaker care guide:


To preserve your sneakers: you can clean the soles of your Spalwart sneakers with soap and water. To remove stains on the shoes, use cold water and rub gently with stain remover soap or leather soap.

Do not machine wash the shoes. You can occasionally grease the leather with a neutral leather balm or leather oil. Choose a natural formula.


Colors may change over time when exposed to UV light, store in areas out of the sun.


Sneakers are made of natural leathers: natural leather is finished through an organic vegetable tanning process. Each leather is unique and therefore may have natural marks or irregularities. This leather is of superior quality, it is very sensitive to grease, liquids, scratches and sunlight. Over time, it will gradually form the most beautiful patina.