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Discover Marc Jacobs's universes

Marc Jacobs: American fashion designer and stylist.

Marc Jacobs finds his way at a very young age and joins the High School of Art and Design.
Fascinated by the world of fashion, Marc Jacobs divides his time between the New York School of Art and Design and a job in a Charivari store.
After studying at the Parson School of Design in New York, he graduated with a distinction: best designer of the year.

Influenced by many artists (Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama or Elisabeth Peyton), Marc Jacobs creates his first collection of handmade sweaters decorated with smileys in 1984.
In collaboration with Robert Duffy, he launched his own fashion brand: Marc Jacobs.
 Together they launched other collections: Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, but also Little Marc Jacobs.

In 1994, Marc Jacobs made a comeback with a prodigious collection. He continues to exploit retro themes of the seventies. He wants to represent a relaxed, chic and liberated youth.

He is the artistic director of all Louis Vuitton collections, and a member of The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).
He is recognized as the genius of Louis Vuitton, who managed to modernize the brand.

He marks the integration of canvas for handbags, which generates a phenomenal success.